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Johnson Lifts & Conveyors cc

Johnson Lifts & Conveyors cc started in 1992 with Richard Nieradko as the sole member and owner.

Since the inception of company, we have manufactured small passenger lifts for high-end homes, apartments, penthouses, retirement villages, schools and low-rise commercial buildings.

Johnson lifts has gained almost 30 years experience in the home lift industry, finding solution for many challenging projects. Richard Nieradko and his team give a personal service from enquiry through to completion and handing over of our products.

Lift Design

Design standard is SANS 1545/4

Payload is normally 225Kg, speed is limited to 150mm per second.

Lift cabin standard internal size is 865mm wide X 1250 mm deep X 2020 high, custom sized cabins can be made.

Standard lift shaft, internal size (after plastering) is 1330 wide X 1600 deep, headroom of 2900mm above floor level is required at the top level.

A pit of 200 mm below the finished floor level is required.

We can do restricted headroom and pit sizes, but then need to see the layout in order to come up with a solution.

Lift Size

The lift cabin is sized to accommodate the wheel chair user and attendant. We can do lifts for enclosed shafts, or glass lifts in their own steel support structure, only one side wall is required (cantilever support). Swing doors are used on the landings, either in wood or in glazed aluminium sections.

The Three Types of Lift Cabins

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According to SANS 1545/1 for electric lifts & SANS 1545/2  for hydraulic lifts.

We also import High Speed Lifts from a reputable company in Europe that also have a factory in China.

We have installed both hydraulic & traction lifts, so we are able to offer you advice for the most cost effective solution for your building project.

Lift Maintenance


After lift is installed a lift maintenance agreement is available, whereby we sent out a technician to do regular maintenance on the unit, in order to keep in well maintained and safe for use. For out of town, faraway areas we arrange on site training with a certified electrician, so that they are able to do routine servicing and able to attend to problems should they occur. Assistance is available telephonically, in order to help rectify problems, should parts be required, we DHL them to the nearest PostNet outlet.


Back up service is available, should a fault arise, whilst installing or commissioning the lift, help is on hand from an engineer at the technical help centre. In the case of replacement parts being needed, they are DHL Expressed to us, on an exchange basis.


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